Our Impact


Our mission

to work with school communities to help children and young adults understand the connection between farming and their daily lives.

Our vision

Children & young people flourishing

We want all children and young people to leave school able to make inspired and informed decisions about food and its production.

We equip teachers and schools to use farming as a learning context and mobilise agriculture to engage with education.

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Farming & the countryside thriving

Our vision is for a thriving British farming and agri-food community that is: highly engaged in UK education sustained by an informed and supportive public able to access top talent for the challenges of tomorrow.

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A healthy planet

We want to help raise a generation of food-literate young people who can play their part in feeding a hungry world population without bankrupting our natural resources. Food is not just fuel.

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Our contribution

Our contribution to these overarching goals is specifically through education, harnessing our expertise in schools and the food and farming communities.

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All our programmes and activities are designed to make a measurable difference to these goals through four major objectives:

  1. Equipping teachers to have the confidence, experience and resources to deliver powerful learning experiences for their pupils about food, farming and the countryside
  2. Mobilising our industry to play its part in education, through skilled and confident ambassadors, plentiful farm visits and high quality content.
  3. Creating a supportive environment through advocacy and collaboration to ensure that schools and industry have the right infrastructure and policy framework in which to operate.
  4. Raising awareness among educationalists, government and the public, that it is essential that young people study and explore food and farming issues, and that outdoor learning is a vital part of a healthy education. 

1. Equipping teachers

We don’t want teachers’ lack of confidence, experience or resources to stand in the way of them delivering powerful learning experiences in food and farming.

What we provide

  • Training and accreditation
  • Resource packs
  • Advice on creating a tailored curriculum
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Preparation for farm visits
  • Exemplar lessons

What we measure

  • Have we raised teachers’ confidence?
  • Have we given them skills and resources that they will use?
  • Are they more motivated to embed food and farming in their teaching?
  • How many children have directly benefited?
  • What have they learned and experienced?

How we measure it

  • Large-scale surveys of UK teachers
  • Immediate feedback from our interventions
  • Long-term follow-up surveys
  • Direct measurement in schools
  • Resource usage statistics

2. Mobilising our industry

Farmers, food- and agri-professionals are the very best people to tell their story. Whether on farm, in a factory, at school, through case studies or simulations, they bring a wealth of material to pupils, spanning science, economics, politics, history, and more.

LEAF Education’s role is to encourage, train, advise and sometimes translate so that the whole story behind the food we eat is accessible to young learners.

What we provide

  • Training and accreditation
  • On-farm advice
  • Co-creation of learning materials
  • Networking
  • Needs audits

What we measure

  • Have we raised the confidence, ability and motivation of the UK’s farmers and food professionals to engage in education?
  • How many active ambassadors are there?
  • How well are they resourced and trained?
  • How many children and young people are meeting farmers and agri-food industry professionals?
  • How many high quality visits to farms are taking place?
  • What resources are the industry creating?
  • What is being learnt by young people as a result?

  • Large-scale surveys of UK farmers and agri-food professionals
  • Immediate feedback from our training and support
  • Long-term follow-up surveys and data collection
  • Data collection on uptake of training, advice and support materials

3. Creating a supportive environment

LEAF Education’s advocacy, advice and partnership projects help the agriculture and education sectors create an environment in which learning about food and farming is valued and effective.

What we provide

  • Project managing multi-partner education initiatives
  • Responding to government consultation
  • Meeting and briefing people of influence
  • Consulting and representing our members

What we measure

  • Who, what and how have we influenced
  • How well are we managing our multi-partner initiatives, and to what extent is this helping others to collaborate?

How we measure it

  • Tracking our involvement with policy initiatives and their outcomes
  • Surveying partners and collaborator

4. Raising awareness

LEAF is one of many organisations collaborating to increase public engagement with food and farming. As well as our direct work with schools and teachers, we seek coverage at conferences, on radio, tv, social media and in print.

What we provide

  • Award scheme to promote and reward excellence in farm-based education
  • LEAF Education conferences and workshops
  • Comments for press and media
  • Guest editing blogs
  • Newsletters

What we measure

  • Coverage and reach
  • Recognition and citations by others

How we measure it

  •  Media and circulation figures
  • Tracking event attendance

​Impact reports and evidence

Annual Review 2015/16

A roundup of the academic year, our stats, stories and achievements.

Initial Teacher Training Report

An impact report in which we contacted teachers who had previously received training from us while qualifying as teachers at university. 91 % had incorporated food, farming or the countryside into their teaching in the 2-3 years after graduation, 74% had shared their learning with colleagues, and high percentages reported significant confidence in teaching about these issues.

CEVAS Impact Report

With nearly 2,500 farmers trained through the  Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme, we contacted our past participants to find out where they are now, and what they are doing for schools. Between them, they are bringing around 500,000 school children on to their farms every year.

Funding and governance

We are a charity and all our work is voluntary-funded. It is through our impact that we demonstrate value to the individuals, grant-makers, companies and the other organisations that support and partner our work.

Here's how you can help:

  • Organisations and companies: consider partnering with us 
  • Grant-makers: see how we are funded and check out our governance 
  • Farmers and educators: see how membership benefits you and supports our work 
  • Individuals: see how a one-off donation or standing order can transform a school, our countryside and the future of our planet