Teacher Advisory Panel

Farming And Countryside Education has a Teacher Advisory Panel which acts as our sounding board for new ideas, initiatives and general feedback. We administer enquiries from the Countryside Classroom partners so that we can maximise the expertise of the Teacher Advisory Panel.

All requests for input from the Teacher Advisory Panel come through FACE and we will never pass on your details to other organisations unless you request us to do so.

There are sometimes opportunities to review resources, to advise farmers in their relationships with local schools or to offer case studies for other teachers to use. Some of these opportunities are incentive-based too. 

Requests can be sporadic and the length of time required to answer an enquiry will vary according to each request.  Most enquiries require only a few minutes but if teachers are asked to review a resource, for example, this will obviously take a longer period of time.  Members of the Teacher Advisory Panel can choose which enquiries they wish to respond to and not all requests will be relevant to every member.

If you are a teacher and this sounds of interest to you, just let us know and we will add you to the panel and mailing list. 

We look forward to welcoming you.