Children & Young People Flourishing

We want all children and young people to leave school healthier and better connected to the issues that shape our world.

Food production is the single most important human endeavour on the planet, giving scope for meaningful and challenging learning at all ages and across all curriculum subjects. 

We know that teachers need to feel confident and inspired to help their pupils on their journey of understanding of this vital topic.

That’s why we create up-to-date resources, train teachers and provide curriculum-linked activities to enliven classroom teaching.

Resources & services for teachers

We provide resources, teacher training and curriculum-linked activities to enliven classroom teaching.

Our services & resources
Children in a garden (short)

Improving the lives of children

As well as a healthy planet and farming & the countryside thriving, we believe that improving the lives of children and young people — and their engagement with the world around them — is a vital outcome of our work. Some of the benefits to them of what we do are:

  • Obesity can be reduced through healthy food choices and regular exercise.
  • Mental health and wellbeing is improved through time spent outdoors and in nature.
  • Understanding provenance and seasonality is important to choosing and cooking healthy, fresh foods.
  • Outdoor learning contributes to attainment, including in core subjects maths and English.
  • Gaining important life skills including growing and cooking food.
  • Being able to develop critical thinking skills – understanding how our food shapes and is shaped by the complex interactions between people and nature, including social trends, politics, finance, science, economics and nature.
  • Greater engagement with the curriculum which is brought to life with real-world examples of STEM, business, PSHE and humanities at work.
  • Discovery of farming and countryside careers which span every subject, skill and ability level.