Take the Lead

LEAF Education's predecessor FACE worked in partnership with Farmers’ Guardian and the National Sheep Association to support the “Take the Lead” campaign to raise awareness of the disturbing issue of sheep worrying.

LEAF Education's predecessor FACE was asked to develop educational materials and so starting with learning more about the value of sheep, pupils are then encouraged to spread the message to friends and family to always keep dogs on the lead when walking near sheep. 

The tool kit developed includes interactive video clips and children are also be given ‘I always take the lead’ stickers, intended to help strike up conversations with their families when they return home.

Resources focus on sheep farming in general, not just the problem of sheep worrying, and can be used to increase understanding of the role of sheep in the countryside and the food chain. Teachers may also wish to invite sheep farmers into local schools to talk about the job they do on farm and talk first-hand about how important it is for dogs to be kept on a lead around their sheep.

This is a prime example of partnership working where each organisation involved was able to work to its own strengths. We were able to benefit from the marketing and communication skills of the Farmers Guardian, the expert knowledge of the National Sheep Association and their network of sheep farmers whilst adding the educational expertise of FACE.

Farmers Guardian is proud to team up with FACE and the National Sheep Association as part of a joint effort to educate children about the issue of livestock worrying, why it is such a big problem and how they can help to stop it. "With the three organisations' knowledge, expertise and reach, I am certain that together, we will deliver these important messages to children and their families across the UK and ultimately, drive down the number of devastating attacks on our farm animals.
Farmers Guardian news editor Olivia Midgley, who runs the Take the Lead campaign